Multi Core RF Coax Cable 10 Coax RG178 For MRI RF Coil

Number of cores:10C(Coaxial  RG 178(A)=30AWG)  50 ohm


Conductor:Silver plated copper wire


Jacket:MRI Compatible TPU



This Multi Core RF Coax Cable includes 10 core RG178 coaxial cable ,It is mainly for MRI RF Coil.

  1. Impedance Matching: Coaxial cables with a 50-ohm impedance are commonly used for RF applications due to their ability to provide good impedance matching, reducing signal reflections and losses, thereby maintaining signal quality and stability. In an MRI RF coil, maintaining impedance matching is crucial for signal transmission.

  2. Flexibility: RG178 is a flexible and easily bendable coaxial cable, suitable for applications that require bending and layout in confined spaces, which can be advantageous in MRI coil designs.

  3. Low Loss: RG178 coaxial cables typically exhibit low signal loss, which means they can maintain high signal quality during signal transmission, particularly important for RF applications.

  4. Magnetic Field Compatibility: RG178 cable’s material may have good compatibility in magnetic field environments, suitable for MRI coil designs.

  5. Signal Isolation: Using multiple coaxial cables can achieve signal separation and isolation, helping to reduce interference and cross-coupling, thereby improving coil performance and signal quality.

  6. Reliability: RG178 is a widely used and validated type of coaxial cable, known for its reliability and stability, suitable for applications requiring long-term stable operation.

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