Custom Medical Cable Manufacturer -3 Key Factors To Make Your Choice

To choose a reliable custom medical cable manufacturer is critical to a medical device manufacturer. When you are making a choice, there are 3 factors you have to consider:

First,Are They An Experienced Medical Cable Manufacturer?

Working with a experienced medical cable expert is critical if you want to keep your medical devices running safely, functionally and durable. A medical cable manufacturer must be ISO 13485 certified. This is the most direct way you can make a rough judgment how many years they have engaged in medical
cable. But this is not totally reliable, some cable manufacturers would like to apply all types of certifications when then founded the company.

An experienced medical cable factory
usually will ask you following questions when you make an inquiry if you did not give them your exact requirement:

  •  What medical device will the medical cable be applied to/used for?
  1. What is the acceptable OD(out diameter)and tolerance of the cable
  2. What is the gauge of each wire? Or how many strands of specific conductor you would like each wire to be
  3. Where is the medical device being used (i.e. X-ray room, doctor’s office, Ambulance, operating room, etc.)?
  4. Do you prefer disposable medical cable or reusable cable?
  5. What are your sterilization methods (chemicals or physical? What are the chemical sterilization materials? What is the
    temperature, pressure, Ray (Ultraviolet, note: X-ray not used for sterilization)?  
  6. Will the medical cable be exposed to any other chemicals or fluids? Will there be any extra coat to protect the cable?
  7. What is the contacting level between the cable and patient (i.e. absolutely no contact, occasional contact, always
    contact, implanted, etc. This relates to biocompatibility and material choosing)?
  8.   Do you have any supplementary requirements (such as, UL94 Level/framing rate, temperature resistant,ultra-flexible, Matt or Glossy, coiling etc.)?

 Second:what Are Their Producing Equipment And Laboratory Testing Devices?

Medical cable manufacturing has much more processing procedures than normal cable. And in most situation, it demands the conductors to be as thin as possible. For the
same gauge cable, thinner conductor will make it more flexible and better electronic performance. Not all conductor stranding machine can strand thin conductors as they are easy to the precision level can determine the quality of the wire in some way besides of staff expertise. For testing devices, without the right testing devices, you cannot make related testing, such as RoHS,High Frequency,Triboelectric noise ,Tensile…(please refer to our Lab)


  Third:Strategic Partners

For most industries, Partners belongs to commercial secret. For medical cable field, medical devices manufactures has a AVL(approved vendor list),similar to UL in some way. If a medical cable manufacturer is in the AVL of many worldwide famous brands,this is the easiest way for you to choose it as your potential partner too. YQF
has be a partner for many famous brands and in their AVL for many years,contact us for trading reference if you are making medical cable supplier.



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