EEG Atlas Single Wire Two Wire And Four Wire Flat And Twisted Raw EEG Electrodes

This is EEG Atlas,which include Single Wire / Two Wire / Four Wire, Flat / Twisted Raw EEG Electrodes based on different colors combination and length.

The Terminal used in these EEG elctrodes are DIN42802

OEM available

Regarding to Flat EEG electrode,there are 2 wire 3 wire…to 16 wire Flat Ribbon optional or custom manufacture to your exact specification.

Regarding to Twisted EEG electrode, there are 2-10 core twisted available, and customized production can also be made based on customer demand information and quantity.

The wire length can be selected in meters such as 0.3M, 0.75M, 1M, 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2M, 2.3M, 2.5M, or customized according to customer needs.

Single Wire Raw EEG Electrodes

2 Wire Twisted Raw EEG Electrodes

2 Wire Raw Flat EEG Electrodes

4 Wire Double Twisted Raw EEG Electrodes

Reference specification example

1.Single Lead wire DIN42802
2.Twisted wire DIN42802
3.Triple twisted DIN42802
4.Parallel Lead-wire DIN42802
5.Twisted 6 Lead wire DIN42802
6.Ribbon Lead wire DIN42802
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