12 Wire MRI Cable with 4 Coax Cable 50ohm And 8 core 26AWG Wire TPU Jacket

Number of cores:12C:4C+8C(4 Coax Cable 50ohm+8 core 26AWG Wire)

AWG:26AWG 4 Coax Cable (A)/26AWG 8 core Wire(B)

Conductor:Silver plated copper wire/Tinned copper wire


Spiral Shield:Tinned copper wire


Binder Tape(1):Paper

Braid Shield:Tinned copper wire

Jacket:TPU White



This cable features 4 coaxial lines and 8 electronic wires. The 4 coaxial lines are composed of silver-plated copper conductors with FEP insulation and a central filler, offering a characteristic impedance of 50 ohms. The 8 electronic wires consist of tinned copper conductors with FEP insulation. After twisting these two types of cores together, the cable is shielded with braiding and encased in TPU.

Key Characteristics:

  • Optimized Signal Transmission: The cable combines effective electromagnetic shielding and mechanical protection.
  • Coaxial Lines: Designed for high-frequency signal transmission with silver-plated copper conductors and FEP insulation.
  • Electronic Wires: Suitable for data transmission and power lines with tinned copper conductors and FEP insulation.

Typical Applications:

  • Medical Environments: This cable is commonly used in medical devices such as MRI, CT scanners, patient monitoring systems, and surgical instruments. It meets stringent requirements for signal integrity, electromagnetic interference resistance, and electrical safety in medical settings. The braided shielding and TPU jacket ensure stable signal transmission and reliable performance in critical medical applications.

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