26 wire MRI compatible RF Coaxial Cable With 8 Coaxial 32AWG And 18*28AWG Wire

Number of cores:26C:8C+18C(8 Coaxial 32AWG + 18*28AWG Wire)

AWG:32AWG Coaxial (A)/28AWG Wire(B)

Conductor:Silver plated copper wire


Jacket:MRI Compatible TPU



This 26 wire MRI compatible RF Coaxial Cable is intended for mri coil manufacturers and repair service provide.It includes 8 coaxial RF cable 50 ohm and 18 wires 28AWG.

This design of RF coaxial cable with 8 coaxial cables (32AWG) and 18x 28AWG wires have the following advantages and design considerations:

  1. Versatility: The combination of coaxial cables and wires provides multiple functionalities, enabling the simultaneous transmission of RF signals and power, control signals, etc. This design allows the cable to be used for various purposes, such as connecting RF equipment for data transmission while also providing power supply or control signals.

  2. Signal Integrity: Coaxial cables offer excellent shielding properties, effectively reducing external interference and ensuring the quality of RF signal transmission. Additionally, both the 32AWG coaxial cables and the 28AWG wires have small diameters, helping to maintain signal integrity by reducing signal attenuation and distortion.

  3. Flexibility: The inclusion of cables with different specifications provides the cable with flexibility, suitable for connecting devices with various types and specifications. Furthermore, the 32AWG coaxial cables, being relatively thin, offer greater flexibility and malleability, making the cable easier to bend and install.

  4. Multi-channel Transmission: By incorporating multiple coaxial cables and wires, the cable design enables multi-channel transmission, allowing for the simultaneous transmission of multiple signals or data streams, thereby enhancing transmission efficiency and bandwidth utilization.

  5. Space-saving: The combination design of RF coaxial cables and wires makes the cable more space-efficient, meeting the connectivity needs in compact spaces, such as applications in electronic devices, communication equipment, or RF devices.

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