32 Wire Multi Coax Cable With 16*50ohm Coaxial Cable RG 178 And 16*26AWG Wire

Number of cores:32C:16C+16C(16*50ohm Coaxial Cable RG 178 + 16*26AWG Wire)

AWG:30AWG RG178 Coaxial (A)/26AWG Wire(B)

Conductor:Silver plated copper wire


Jacket:MRI Compatible TPU


This cable utilizes a configuration of 32 wires, including 16 50ohm RG 178 coaxial cables and 16 26AWG wires. This design supports complex signal transmission and reception requirements.

1.Versatility: This design combines the characteristics of coaxial cables and wires, allowing the multicore cable to perform well in both transmitting high-frequency signals and handling higher power. RG 178 coaxial cable is typically used for high-frequency signal transmission, while 26AWG wire has a larger conductor cross-sectional area, suitable for transmitting certain power levels. Therefore, this combination can meet various application needs, including signal transmission and power supply.

2.Flexibility: As the multicore cable is composed of multiple coaxial cables and wires, it possesses a degree of flexibility. This flexibility enables the multicore cable to adapt to different installation scenarios and wiring requirements, enhancing system reliability and applicability.

3.Reduced Crosstalk: By separating the RG 178 coaxial cables and 26AWG wires, the interference between them is minimized, improving the stability and reliability of signal transmission. This is particularly important for applications requiring clear signals and reduced interference, such as magnetic resonance imaging systems.

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