OD10.7MM Ultra-low Noise AL and Braiding Double Shielded 28awg 24 Core Shielded Twisted Pair Cable with Graphene Layer



Noise layer:Graphene 0.88±0.05

Cabling:19/0.08TC drain wire+AL Inward

Outer shield:Braided

Jacket:70A  PVC


This OD10.7MM ultra-low noise aluminum foil and braided double shielded 28AWG 24 core wire, with 12 pairs of shielded cables and graphene layers, offers the following advantages:

  1. Ultra Low Noise:
    • Aluminum Foil Shielding: Effectively shields electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduces signal noise.
    • Braided Shielding: Provides an additional shielding layer to enhance anti-interference capability.
    • Double Shielding Structure: Combines aluminum foil and braided protection to ensure high-fidelity signal transmission.
  2. High Transmission Performance:
    • 28AWG Wire Diameter: Offers higher signal transmission speed and lower signal attenuation due to its fine wire diameter.
    • 24 Core Design: Supports multi-channel signal transmission, improving data transmission efficiency.
  3. Graphene Layer:
    • Graphene Material: Exhibits excellent conductivity and thermal conductivity, enhancing the overall performance of the cables.
    • Graphene Layer Over Insulation: Reduces triboelectric noise, further improving signal quality.
  4. Structural Design:
    • OD10.7MM: Ensures flexibility and ease of operation while maintaining performance with its moderate outer diameter design.
    • 12 Pairs of Shielded Cables: Each pair of wires has a separate shield to reduce mutual interference and improve transmission quality.
This Graphene wire cable is intended for the Quantum Laboratory of SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
In terms of medical cable with graphene coating, there are two key issue which should be solved at the same time: biocompatibility and easy eraze( means stripping the graphene coating).both of them are with high difficulty.
With the cooperation of YQF and SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, these problems has been well solved and pass Biocompatibility test of Soochow University Biology Laboratory
At present, multiple universities have ordered this type of wire from us, including Southern University of Science and Technology, KU Leuven in Belgium, and Virginia Tech in the United States.If you also need this AL and braided shielded dual shielded twisted low noise cable, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Technical Specification

1:Specification:1/0.32TC*12P+drainwire+AL+BZ  10.7 MM PVC
Component Component 1
Condoctor Material TINNED  COPPER
AWG 28
Construction 1/0.32TC
Pitchmm N/A
Pitch Direction N/A
Stranded O.D 0.32
Insulation Material PE3364
NO of wire 24C
O.D mm 0.85±0.05
AVG. Thickness mm 0.25
Min. Thickness mm 0.2
7.ORANGE 8.PINK 9.GRAY 10.transparent 11.white/red 12.white/black       B .WHITE
Low Noise Layer Material Graphene 0.88±0.05
Twisted Pitch mm 15±5A1-12&B   A1&B  A2&B
Pitch mm 30±5
Cabling Pitch mm 60±5
Material 19/0.08TCdrain wire+ALInward
Outer shield Material 0.10TCTINNED  COPPER
Type Braided
Coverage 85%
Jacket Material 70  PVC
O.D mm 10.7±0.25
AVG. Thickness mm 1.00
Min. Thickness mm 0.80
Mark N/A

Electronic Properties

1.Conductor Resistancemax: 28AWG-0.3Ω/KM@ 20℃
2.Insulation resistance  10G OHM/M
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