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Our medical cables meet ISO10993 Biocompatibility requirement

Low Noise Cable5 Lead ECG Cable EC205S-002

Raw Medical cable:5 lead ECG cable without connector.we manufacture 1 lead to 18 leads Shielded or unshielded Patient cable.Smaller OD or Flat Ribbon 5 leads


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Items Specification
Products name
Model EC205S-002
Conductor Material Bared copper/TC optional
Specification 19/0.10BC士0.008
Insulation Material FEP
Nom.Thickness 0.34
Nom.O.D. ø1.2士0.05
Colour White/Green/Black/Red/Brown
Conducting Layer Material Semiconductive PVC
Nom.Thickness 0.25
Specification ø2.0士0.10
Colour Black
Wrap Material PTFE Tape
Filler Material Nylon
Shield Material Tinned copper
Specification 106士5/0.10TC
Coverage >90%
Jacket Material TPU (5040)
Nom.Thickness 0.5
Nom.O.D. ø5.55士0.15
Colour Gray

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