Flexible Silver-plated Tinsel Conductor Single Lead tpu5040 Medical Cable od2.0mm

ø2.0士0.10;TPU (5040); Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

Tinsel is widely used when the application enviroment need the cable to be flexible.   Tinse’s resistance is bigger than copper wire.There are two types of Tinsel used a lot:one is Silver-plated tinsel;another is Tinned tinsel. Considering the Tinsel Resistance,Small OD and Flexibility.Silver plated Tinsel is used more than tinned tinsel.


  1. Flexibility: Tinsel wire is composed of fine filaments or ribbons, making it highly flexible and suitable for applications requiring bending or twisting, such as sensors and electrodes in medical equipment.
  2. Fatigue resistance: Due to its flexibility, tinsel wire typically exhibits high fatigue resistance, enduring long periods of repetitive bending without breaking.
  3. Good conductivity: Tinsel wire typically utilizes excellent conductive materials such as copper or silver, providing good conductivity for medical devices requiring high precision and stability.


  1. Higher cost: Tinsel wire manufacturing costs are higher compared to regular conductors, primarily due to its complex structure and the higher cost of materials used.

Without Low Noise structure.


Technical Specification

1:Specification):7/0.23 silver-plated Tinsel+200DKEVLAR*1C  2.0MM TPU
Componen Component 1
Condoctor Material silver-plated Tinsel+200DKEVLAR
AWG 24
Construction 7/0.23 silver-plated Tinsel
Pitch(mm) 8±2
Pitch Direction LEFT
Stranded O.D 0.69
Jacket Material TPU 5040
O.D ( mm) 2.0±0.10
AVG. Thickness (mm) 0.65
Min. Thickness ( mm) 0.52
Color Gray
Print N/A
3.Cross Drawing 4.Electronic properties
1. Bending test: lifting weight 300g, 50 times/min, ±90°, greater than 10000 times,
2. Vertical lifting weight: lifting height 1M, lifting weight 10Kg/1MIN, no wire breakage,
3. Conductor resistance: 20℃, test wire conductor resistance ≤ 1Ω,
4. Cleaning resistance: alcohol (95%) sodium hypochlorite (2%) glutaraldehyde (2%), soaked in sequence for 8H, no hardening and discoloration
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