OD6.5MM 7 Core Coiled Cable For Defibrillator 1 HV Wire And 6 Signal Wire

Conductor:Tinned copper



Wrapper1:PTFE tape

Filler:PVC fill

Wrapper2:Tissue paper

Jacket:Huntsman TPU 4394


Technical Specification

Component Component 1 HV Component 6LV
Conductor Material Tinned COPPER Tinned COPPER
AWG 1.0mm² (17AWG ) 26
Construction 7/28/0.08TC 28/0.08TC
Stranded O.D mm 1.44mm 0.49mm
Insulation Material PP PP
NO of wire 1C 6C
O.D mm 2.20±0.1 Om m 0.9±0.05m lin
AVG. Thickness mm 0.35 0.2
Min. Thickness mm 0.3 0.18
Color Blue Blue/Grey/Green/Yellow/Red/Black
Shielding AL-Mylar AL outwards
Spiral 58±5/0.1TC N/A
Material PTFE tape N/A
Filler Material PVC fill
Assembly Lay mm 70±10mm
Material F I LLER+1 8A1VG*1 C+26AWG*6C
Wrapper2 Material Tissue paper
overlapping ratio 25%
Jacket Material Huntsman TPU 4394
O.D mm 6.5±0.2
AVG. Thickness mm 0.80
Min. Thicknessmm 0.70
Color Gray
Mark N/A
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