1+4 Automated External Defibrillator Cable AED Cable 5 Lead Coil Wire-Co205x

Conductor:Tinned copper 1C*22AWG+4C*26AWG


Wrap:Aluminum Foil(outwards)



Technical Specification


Conductor Material Tinned copper (1C) 22 AWG Tinned copper 4C 26 AWG
Construction 19/0.16TC 19/0.10TC
Outer diameter 0.8mm Ref 0.50mm Ref
Insulator Material TPE PP
Average Thickness 0.76 Ref 0.25 Ref
Min Thickness 0.60 Ref 0.20 Ref
Outer diameter φ2.3±0.08 φ1.0±0.05
Color Black Green/Blue/Black/Orange
wrap Material Aluminum Foil(outwards) Right
Diameter 2.35
Cabling Direction pitch Right/45±7mm
Filler Drain wire(26AWG)+kevlar+Nylon+PTFE(25%)
Outer diameter φ4.05mm Ref
Outer Jacket Material TPU 85A( Biocompatible)
Average Thickness 1.27mm Ref
Min Thickness 1.0 Ref
Outer diameter φ6.35±0.25
Color/Cosmetic BLACK/smooth and matt
Conductor Resistance(@20°c) 22AWG-60Ω/KM MAX 26AWG-131Ω/KM MAX
Insulation Resistance(@20°c) 500 M Ohms/km, min
Dielectric Strength 22AWG-15000V DC /1 Min 26AWG-3400V
DC /1 Min
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