OD5.0mm 2C*22awg+4C*26awg Thin 6 Core Defibrillator Cable With TPU Jacket

Conductor:Tinned copper alloy


Jacket:TPU(BASF Elastollan 1185AM) 85A


Defibrillator Cable Technical Specification

Conductor Material Tinned copper alloy(2C)22AWG Tinned copper alloy(4C)26AWG
Insulator Material FEP PP
Ave. thickness 0.25 Ref 0.16 Ref
Min Thickness 0.23 Ref 0.15 Ref
Outer diameter φ1.4±0.05 φ0.85±0.03
Color RED/BLK Green/White/Yellow/Violet
Twist Direction pitch N/A Right
Diameter N/A 1.7MM
Cabling Direction pitch Right/35±7mm
Filler kevlar+Nylon+PTFE(25%)
Outer diameter φ3.2mm Ref
Outer Jacket Material TPU(BASF Elastollan 1185AM) 85A
Ave.thickness 0.90 Ref
Min Thickness 0.81 Ref
Outer diameter φ5.0±0.20
Color/Cosmetic Gray/smooth and matte

AED (Automated External Defibrilattor) is no more a devices only used in Hospital or ambulance by professional operators.Nowadays,in Airport,Metrol station,bus station,it is a  indispensable devices for first aid. Thin Defibrillator cable  can save space for AED stock.500K using time greatly save the maintainance cost.

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