OD5.8MM 4 Core Silicone Cable Include 3 Shielded Core 26awg

Technical Specification

Inner Conductor : Tin Plated Copper




Jacket:Black medical grade Silicone Rubber

Outer Diameter:5.8mm±0.1mm

Application:Medical field


This four-core silicone cable, comprising three shielded 26AWG cores and one 22AWG core, is designed for specific applications requiring high flexibility, durability, and reliable signal transmission. Here’s a detailed overview of this cable:

Cable Structure

  1. Four-Core Design:
    • 3 Shielded 26AWG Cores: These cores are typically used for transmitting low-current signals. The shielding reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring signal integrity.
    • 1 22AWG Core: This thicker core is used for higher current transmission or as a ground wire, enhancing the cable’s current-carrying capacity.
  2. Silicone Jacket:
    • Silicone is known for its high temperature resistance, durability, and flexibility, making it ideal for environments requiring these properties.
  3. Shielding:
    • The shielding layer prevents external EMI from affecting the signal transmission, ensuring stability and accuracy of the signals.

Key Features

  1. High Flexibility:
    • The silicone jacket and multi-core design make the cable highly flexible, suitable for applications requiring frequent bending and movement.
  2. High Temperature Resistance:
    • Silicone material withstands high temperatures, making the cable reliable and long-lasting in high-temperature environments.
  3. Low Noise Interference:
    • The shielded design effectively reduces EMI, ensuring clear and accurate signal transmission.
  4. Versatility:
    • The four-core design makes the cable suitable for a variety of uses, including both signal and power transmission.

Typical Applications

  1. Industrial Automation:
    • Used to connect sensors, actuators, and controllers, ensuring stable signal and power transmission.
  2. Medical Devices:
    • Its biocompatibility and durability make it suitable for high-reliability medical equipment.
  3. Audio and Video Equipment:
    • The shielding design reduces EMI, making it ideal for high-quality audio and video signal transmission.
  4. Robotics and Motion Control:
    • Suitable for robotic and motion control systems requiring high flexibility and durability.
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