4 Core Medical Silicone Cable PFA Insulation ISO13485 OD4.4MM


Conductor:Silver-plated copper


Jacket:Medical Silicone


The advantages of this silicone medical cable are as follows:
  1. Conductor Material: It utilizes silver-plated copper conductors, combining the excellent conductivity of silver with the mechanical strength and conductivity of copper, resulting in superior electrical performance and durability.
  2. Medical Grade Silicone Insulation: The cable features medical-grade silicone insulation, known for its flexibility, high temperature resistance, and chemical resistance, making it suitable for medical device applications such as infusion and connection.
  3. PFA Insulation Layer: PFA is a high-performance polymer with outstanding high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation properties, effectively protecting the conductors and providing stable electrical performance.

This type of medical silicone cable is commonly used in medical devices for connecting and transmitting electrical signals or power, such as:

  • Data transmission lines for medical imaging equipment (e.g., X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI machines).
  • Connection lines for electrophysiological monitoring devices (e.g., electrocardiography machines, electroencephalography machines).
  • Power supply lines for surgical instruments (e.g., electrosurgical knives, electrocautery devices).
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