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OD5.2MM Low Noise 5 Lead Silicone ECG Lead Wire

Technical Specification

Items Specification
Model SI405B
Conductor Tinned Copper
 Insulation HDPE
Wrap PTFE Tape
 Filler Cotton Thread
 Shield Tinned copper
 Jacket Silicone
OD ø5.2士0.15

This silicone cable is a specialized ECG (Electrocardiogram) lead wire, which is used to connect ECG electrodes to an ECG machine for the purpose of monitoring heart activity.

  1. OD5.2MM: The lead wire has an outer diameter of 5.2 millimeters.
  2. Low Noise: The design minimizes electrical noise, ensuring accurate ECG readings. This low noise characteristic is essential for obtaining clear and reliable ECG signals.
  3. 5 Lead: The ECG lead wire includes five individual leads, capturing signals from different body positions to provide a comprehensive view of heart activity.
  4. Silicone: The wire is coated with a silicone jacket. Silicone is flexible, durable, and biocompatible, making it safe for extended skin contact.
  5. Semi-Conductive PVC Low Noise Layer: PVC, in a semi-conductive form, provides both insulation and noise reduction.

Benefits and Applications:

  • High Signal Integrity: The combination of tinned copper conductors and low noise design ensures high-quality ECG signal transmission with minimal interference.
  • Durability: Silicone and PVC materials offer excellent durability and flexibility, making the wires suitable for repeated use in clinical settings.
  • Patient Comfort: The silicone jacket is soft and flexible, providing comfort for patients during ECG monitoring.

Typical Uses:

  • Clinical ECG Monitoring: In hospitals and clinics for routine heart monitoring.
  • Ambulatory ECG: For patients who need to wear an ECG monitor while going about their daily activities.
  • Holter Monitoring: For continuous monitoring over a period of 24 to 48 hours.
  • Stress Testing: During exercise stress tests to monitor the heart’s response to physical activity.
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