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Our medical cables meet ISO10993 Biocompatibility requirement

ECG EKG Lead WireLow Noise CableGraphene coating Low Noise Medical ECG Cable EC211B

EC211B is a 11 leads low noise cable for 12 leads ECG monitoring purpose

Huntsman TPU Jacket And Graphene Coating is different from traditonal coaxial Low Noise cables whose conducting Layer are Semi-conductive PVC,EC211B adopts Graphene coating as Low Noise Layer ,realize Lower and more stable noise purpose.With Graphene coating,more cores in limited Jacket become realizable


Technical Specification

Component Component
Condoctor Material TINNED  COPPER  ALLOY
AWG 28
Construction 19/0.08TSN
Pitch mm 7±2
Pitch Direction Right
Stranded  O.D 0.4
Insulation Material PP
NO of wire 11C
O.D mm 0.98±0.05
 Thickness mm 0.29
Min. Thickness mm 0.24
Color Yellow/Brown/Grey/Black/Pink/Green/Red/Purple/Blue/Orange/White
Coating Material LOW NOISE LAYER
O.D mm 1.00±0.05
Cabling Pitch mm 50±10
Material  KEVLAR
Outer shield 1 Material 0.10TSN
Coverage 90%MIN
Outer shield 2 Material 0.10TSN
Coverage 50%MIN
Wrap Material PTFE
coverage 25% MIN
Jacket Material TPU 5040
O.D mm 6.5±0.20
AVG. Thickness mm 0.65
Min. Thickness mm 0.55
Color RAL7035
Mark N/A

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