OD6.2MM 1+5 TPU Jacket 6 Conductor Coiled Cable For AED with 1 Wire 22 AWG and 5 Wire 26 AWG


Insulation:3015 PP

Wrapping tape:PTFE

Braid Shield:TC

Jacket:5040 TPU Medical


Technical Specification

Stranded O.Dmm
Insulation Material 3015 PP 3015 PP
NO of wire 1 5
O.D mm 1.80±0.10mm 1.10±0.10mm
AVG. Thickness mm 0.5 0.3
Min. Thickness mm 0.45 0.25
Color ////
 inner shield Material 0.05TC N/A
Type 95% N/A
Coverage 95% N/A
Covering Material PVC N/A
O.D mm 2.40±0.10 N/A
Color N/A
Cabling Pitch mm 22AWG*1C+26AWG*5C+Filler
Wrapping tape Material PTFE
     Braid Shield Material 0.08TC
Type ≥95%
Jacket Material 5040 TPU Medical
O.D mm 6.20±0.20
AVG. Thickness mm 0.75
Min. Thickness mm 0.65
Color Grey (3C)
Mark N/A

The 6 Conductor Shielded Cable Coiled For AED consists of 1 #22AWG shielded Wire And 5 #26 AWG Wire for signal.Overall Braiding shield,6.2mm TPU Jacket.

This Defibrillator cable is different from regular coiled cable for AED.For reguar defibrillator cable,there is no overall shield,especially Braiding shield which make the cable feels hard and influence its retractability and flexibility.

Product Description

Extremely Flexible Coiled cable Defibrillator Cable with Medical TPU Jacket Conductor Number Optional

Coil cable is A, Curly Self Retractable Cable ,We provide both stock and custom, can with different AWG gauge, conductor types,dielectric strength level, shield or unshielded design. Coil cable are usually with TPU or TPV Jacket,which make the cable flexible, durable and versatile.

Coil cable is a space savings solution in many applications fields, such as: Medical, Test Devices, Communication, and Robotics
Materials for options
• Conductor – tinned plated copper, silver plated copper, nickel plated copper, high strength alloy, stainless steel alloys, fiber
• Stranding – concentric lay, rope lay and more; higher strand counts should be used to increase flexibility
• Insulation: PVC, TPE, PP. Teflon (PTFE,FEP,FAP)
• Jacket: PU(TPU,PUR),TPV (Jacket Material must be elastical, durable and bear harsh environment)
• Shield – Non/AL foil /Tinned & Bared & Silvered & Alloy Copper and other
• Drainwire: To be added on demand

Defibrillator Coil & Defibrillator Wire

Defibrillator wires have 3 main forms:Coil & Round;Straight & Round and Flat Ribbon.The most used is Coil cord for AED paddle,and Flat Ribbon cable for AED Pad.

The Defibrillator cable usually contains 3 to 10 depends on its purpose and applications. A simple 3 wire defibrillator (it could be a aed training machine) only need 3 wires for the paddle. And ECG Defibrillator will use 4-8 signal wire to get ECG
signal,indicates the operator if it is necessary to make difibrillation and when to make it. The more Intelligent a ECG Monitor
with defibrillator is,the more wires it need.ECG Defibrillator monitor the heart and indicates the operator when is the best time to defibrilate and how many joules power is needed.It make defibrillation easier and more accurate.
As a China Medical cable manufacturer ,we custom AED cable ( AED leads) to interconnect between its power unit and the patient paddle or Pads according to customer‘s requirement
AED electrode pads become a mainstream,compared with Paddles,AED Pads/Gel are used to reduce transthoracic impedance when paddles are applied directly to the chest wall to deliver a shock. Better protective for patients and doctors. Especially with Mindray intellectual AED, an un-trained person can also make an emergency rescue under the guide of the defibrillators’ screen and voiceAED Cable has 1 or 2 17AWG-22 AWG wires can bear 5000V AC voltage and 3-8 wires for Signals transition.Round Coiled Extension cord and Flat Bulk Cable are the two main forms.

Coiled Extension cord for Defibirllator adopts TPU as Jacket. As for insulation,when extreme high voltage such as 8000V AC ,is needed,and also need the cable to be thin,then Teflon (FEP,PFA PTFE) is used.
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