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Coiled Wire5 Core Spiral Coil Cable-Co205s

Doppler Cord For Fetal Doppler And Vascular Doppler

A typical doppler cord structure is similar to a ECG cable,which has metal shield to anti EMC and Low noise layer to reduce Triboelectric noise.Its coiling structure decides its performance should be even stronger than ECG cable and other coil cable.A cable manuf may make good coil cable,but not easy to make good coil doppler cord.We have helped many Doppler manufacturer customized different Doppler cord range from 2MHz to 8Mhz and higher…


Technical Specification

Items Specification
Products name Coild Doppler Cord For Fetal Doppler And Vascular Doppler
Model CO205S
Conductor  Material Tinned copper+Nylon
 Specification 11/0.08TC+250DNylon
 Insulation  Material PP
 Nom.Thickness 0.19
 Nom.O.D. ø0.95士0.05
 Colour Green/Black/Red/Blue/Yellow
 Conducting Layer  Material Semiconductive PVC
 Nom.Thickness 0.34
 Specification ø2.1士0.10
Colour Black
Filler  Material Contton Thread
Inner Jacket  Material 95A PU
 Nom.Thickness 0.35
 Nom.O.D. ø3.0士0.10
 Colour Gray
 Shield  Material Tinned copper
 Specification 65士3/0.010TC
 Coverage >90%
 Jacket  Material TPU
 Nom.Thickness 0.4
 Nom.O.D. ø4.0士0.10
 Colour Gray

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