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Our medical cables meet ISO10993 Biocompatibility requirement

ECG EKG Lead WireLow Noise Cable16 lead Low Noise Medical ECG Cable EC216S

16-lead HD-ECG Algorithm for Resting ECGs bring inovation to ECG monitoring.EC216S is the trunk ecg cable for the 16-lead HD-ECG machinery.OD 6.5mm with 16 wire


16 lead ecg is gradually used more and more,such as PHILIP DXL Algorithm for Resting ECGs,which uses sophisticated analytical methods to interpret the resting ECG. It analyzes up to 18-leads of simultaneously acquired ECG waveforms to interpret rhythm and morphology for a variety of patient populations.


Technical Specification Of 16 Lead Ecg Cable

Conductor Material Tinned copper+Nylon
Specification 19/0.08TC+250D Nylon
Insulation Material HDPE
Nom.Thickness 0.22
Nom.O.D. ø0.75士0.05
Colour 16 colors
Conducting Layer Material Semiconductive PVC
Nom.Thickness 0.03-0.05
Colour Black
Filler Material PVC rope with Kevlar
Shield Material Tinned copper
Specification 110士3/0.10TC
Coverage >90%
Jacket Material TPU (5040)
Nom.Thickness 0.8
Nom.O.D. ø6.5士0.15
Colour Gray

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