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Our medical cables meet ISO10993 Biocompatibility requirement

ECG EKG Lead WireSmall OD Single Lead Medical Cable-EC201X

ø2.0士0.10;TPU (5040); Silvered Tinsel+KEVLAR

Tinsel is widely used when the application enviroment need the cable to be flexible.   Tinsel,s Resistance is bigger than copper wire .there are two types of Tinsel used a lot:one is Silver-plated tinsel;another is Tinned tinsel. Considering the Tinsel Resistance ,Small OD and Flexibility.Silver plated Tinsel is used more than tinned tinsel.

Without Low Noise structure.


Technical Specification

1:Specification):7/0.23 silver-plated Tinsel+200DKEVLAR*1C  2.0MM TPU
Componen Component 1
Condoctor Material silver-plated Tinsel+200DKEVLAR
AWG 24
Construction 7/0.23 silver-plated Tinsel
Pitch(mm) 8±2
Pitch Direction LEFT
Stranded O.D 0.69
Jacket Material TPU 5040
O.D ( mm) 2.0±0.10
AVG. Thickness (mm) 0.65
Min. Thickness ( mm) 0.52
Color Gray
Print N/A
3.Cross Drawing 4.Electronic properties
1. Bending test: lifting weight 300g, 50 times/min, ±90°, greater than 10000 times,
2. Vertical lifting weight: lifting height 1M, lifting weight 10Kg/1MIN, no wire breakage,
3. Conductor resistance: 20℃, test wire conductor resistance ≤ 1Ω,
4. Cleaning resistance: alcohol (95%) sodium hypochlorite (2%) glutaraldehyde (2%), soaked in sequence for 8H, no hardening and discoloration

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