Single Lead Bared Copper Conductor Coaxial TPU5040 Jacket ECG Lead wire od2.6mm

ECG lead wire/Coaxial wire/Low noise cable/Flexible cable

Conductor:Bared Copper+500D Nylon


Conducting Layer:Semiconductive PVC

Shield:43士3/0.10 Tinned copper




Technical Specification

Items Specification
Products name
Model EC201S-008
Conductor Material Bared Copper+500D Nylon
Specification 26/0.1 Bared Copper   (24 AWG)
Insulation Material HDPE
Nom.Thickness 0.2
Nom.O.D. ø1.15士0.05
Colour Transparent
Conducting Layer Material Semiconductive PVC
Nom.Thickness 0.14
Specification ø1.45士0.08
Colour Black
Wrap Material N/A
Shield Material Tinned copper
Specification 43士3/0.10TC
Coverage >90%
Jacket Material 5040 TPU
Nom.Thickness 0.38
Nom.O.D. ø2.6士0.1
Colour  Gray  421C

Properties :

1. The outside of the wire is smooth and flat, and there should be no yellowing and dirt.

2. The minimum thickness of the insulation and outer covering is greater than 90% of the average thickness.

3. High voltage resistance (3M): the core wire and shield can withstand AC1000V, and the leakage current is 0.25mA/MIN. No breakdown, The conductor and the sheath are resistant to high voltage and DC5000V, the leakage current is 0.25mA/S, and there is no breakdown.

4. DC500V insulation above l00MΩ (testing sample is 5m).

5. Wire load bending test: load 300g, lifting height 300mm, swing speed 30 times/min (2*75°), More than 5000 times, no break, short circuit and damage to the outer insulation.

6. Maximum conductor resistance: 0.10Ω/M;

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