OD5.0MM 2 Core 22 AWG Braided Shield Silicone Cable Single Pair Shielded Cable

Technical Specification

Inner Conductor:Tinned Copper

Insulation:Silicone Rubber (Teflon optional)

Braiding:Tinned copper

Wrap:PTFE Tape


Outer Diameter:5.0mm±0.1mm

Application:Medical field


Medical Grade 2 Core 22 AWG Braided Shield Silicone Cable with OD 5.0mm,we also have 3 core silicone cable,10 core silicone cable in stock for sales.

Both Jacket and insulation of this cable are Silicone rubber.which make the cable feels softer ,compared with teflon wires.

The single pair shielded cable is a top-performing cable that consists of two twisted wires and an additional braiding layer for superior electromagnetic interference shielding. Encased in high-quality medical-grade silicone, this cable is ideal for various medical applications that require precise signal transmission with minimal interference.


In summary, the single pair shielded cable and its variations, including the single twisted pair cable and single twisted pair wire, are essential components for reliable signal transmission in various medical applications. With their superior electromagnetic shielding and durable medical-grade silicone coating, these cables ensure accurate monitoring and reliable regulation, ultimately improving patient care

Technical Specification

Products name Silicone 2 core Braided shielded cable
Model S402S
Conductor Material Tinned Copper
Specification 65/0.08 TC
Insulation Material Silicone Rubber (Teflon optional)
Colour White/Black
Braiding Material Tinned copper
Specification 144士3/0.08TC
Coverage >95%
Wrap Material PTFE Tape
Jacket Material Silicone Rubber
Nom.O.D. ø5.0士0.10
Colour Black
Variations of the single pair shielded cable include the single twisted pair cable and single twisted pair wire. These cables are similar in design, consisting of a single pair of diagonal twisted wires with an additional shielding layer. However, the single twisted pair cable typically has a larger outer diameter and is more commonly used for longer distance applications, while the single twisted pair wire is thinner in diameter and is commonly used for short distance applications. Both variations provide excellent electromagnetic shielding and signal transmission capabilities. The choice between these variations depends on the specific requirements of the application.
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