YQF CABLE Product Brochure

YQF CABLE Product Brochure2024
YQF cable is a factory which provide medical cable custom service and manufacturing for 20 years.As a factory, we mainly provide semi-finished bare cables and can also do some cable assembly.
The types of medical cable we generally make:
   -Conductor specification:14-44AWG/0.002MM2-2MM2;
   -Single core/Multi cores;
   -Flat/Coiled/Round cable/Combination cable;
   -Low noise cable/Shielded cable;
   -Delivery date 1-2 weeks
The medical cable classification includes:
   -Customized Medical cable
   -Silicone rubber cable
   -Endoscope camera cable/Endoscope handle cable
   -MRI/ESU/AED cable
   -Ultrosound cable
   -SpO2 sensor cable
   -ECG/EKG cable
   -Enameled cable
Our company is ISO13485 certified and uses materials that comply with biocompatibility. We have produced and exported many types of silicone cable and have served customers such as Medtronic, Drager, Amphenol, Unimed, etc..

Our product quality and company service are highly praised,and the prices are also very competitive.We have our own factory, so we have confidence in the quality and favorable prices of our products.


If you don’t have the drawings, you can provide me with the cable gauge, approximate structure, and electrical performance, and our engineering team can design the FOC drawings.Or FOC samples that we have in stock can be provided.
Super cooperative
Super quality
Super cost-effective
Welcome to inquire!contact:Lancy@yqfcable.com
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