16 Core Silvered Copper Conductor Reusable Silicone Cable For Modern Electrosurgical Pencil

Conductor:Silvered Copper

Shield:Silvered Copper Braided



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 Five Factors Decides The Electrosurgical Performance On The Target Tissues

  1. the time in contact with the tissue;
  2. the intensity of the current;
  3. the frequency of the current;
  4. the waveform of the current;
  5. and the electrode size.
  6. If these factors are well regulated, the surgeon can excise tissue with minimum damage while allowing for adequate histologic evaluation. The more advanced ESUs have microprocessors that adjust power output to maintain a constant preset level; as tissue resistance changes during the procedure, the output is automatically varied to maintain a uniform cut.

3 Types Of Variable Current Settings In Modern ESU

The Latest ESU(Electrosurgical Unit) offer three variable current waveforms settings: 

  1. cutting
  2. blended cutting
  3. coagulation

A continuous, high-frequency current provides for pure cutting,

A short, interrupted bursts of current is intended for Coagulation.

Combining this two forms of currents will produces a blended effect that allows for both efficient cutting and limited coagulation to control bleeding. The frequency varies from 500,000 to 4,000,000 cycles/sec.


The Benefits Of ESU Compared With Traditional Surgical Method

ESUs are generally maintenance-free, and are relatively inexpensive compared with laser units and cold-knife.

Why Silvered Copper conductor and Silvered Copper Shielding Silicone cable for Modern ESU  Electrosurgical Pencil?

From the technical background,it is obvious that the tradtional disposible EUS pencil cable (with 3 bared coppers as conductor,and PVC as Jacket ) has not the properties meets the 5 factors  mentioned above.On this ground, the following Silicone cable is applied

Technical Specification

Items Specification
Model SI416B
Conductor Silvered Copper
 Insulation Teflon
Wrap PTFE Tape
 Filler Kevlar
 Shield Silvered Copper Braided
 Jacket Silicone
OD ø7.5士0.15
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