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Our medical cables meet ISO10993 Biocompatibility requirement

SPO2 CableNellcor Spo2 Extension Cable-4 Core Shield Spo2 Cable

Conductor: High Quality Super Fine Tinned/bare/silver-plated Copper Wire to ensure Stability of Signal.

Shielding: Double Shielding Structure reduces triboelectricity noise & ensure better protection & Stability of Signal Transmission.

Filler: Kevlar for High Strength, high Temperature Resistance and low electrical conductivity.

Outer Sheath/Jacket: High Quality Compound from Germany Huntsman. All materials (Silicone,PVC,TUP,TPE…are medical class, obtained Biocompatible testing report

OD: 2-4 mm OD too meet different sizes of spo2 sensors.


Items Specification
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Model SP104S
Conductor  Material Tinned Copper and Copper Alloy Hybrid Tinned Copper and Copper Alloy Hybrid
 Specification (25/0.O5TC+5/0.05TSN)士0.008 (25/0. O5TC+5/0.05TSN)士0.008
 Insulation  Material SR-PVC SR-PVC
 Nom.Thickness 0.12 0.12
 Nom.O.D. ø0.60士0.05 ø0.60士0.05
 Colour White/Black Red/Orange
 Inner Shield  Material Tinned copper
 Specification 40士3/0.08士0.008
 Coverage >90%
 Inner Jacket  Material 80A-PVC(White)
 Nom.Thickness 0.14
 Specification ø1.75士0.10
Filler Material 10S/3*2 cotton thread
 Outer Shield  Material Tinned copper
 Specification Spiral 80±3/0.08±0.008
 Coverage >90%
 Jacket  Material 70A-PVC
 Nom.Thickness 0.24
 Nom.O.D. ø3.2士0.10
 Colour White

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