Custom Medical Cable OEM 80P-PVC 18 Core Double Shieled Medical Sensor Cable

18 Core Medical Sensor Cable

Conductor:Tinned copper or Copper Alloy

Insulation :PFA


Outer Shield:Tinned copper




18 Core Double Shieled Medical Sensor Cable

Sensor cables are specialized cables used to connect sensors to electronic devices. Sensors convert one form of energy into another (such as converting electrical signals into ultrasound waves) for data transmission and processing. These cables are designed to ensure accurate and reliable communication between sensors and electronic devices, typically incorporating shielding designs to minimize interference and maintain signal integrity.

Technical Specification

Items Specification
Products name
Model TR118B
Conductor 1  Material Tinned copper or Copper Alloy
 Specification 7/0.O3TSN
 Insulation 1  Material PFA
 Nom.Thickness 0.07
 Nom.O.D. ø0.25士0.03
 Colour White/Green/Yellow/Black/Blue/Brown/Orange/Red
Inner Filler  Material Kevlar
Conductor 2  Material Tinned copper or Copper Alloy
 Specification 7/0.O3TSN
Insulation 2  Material PFA PFA
 Nom.Thickness 0.11 0.11
 Nom.O.D. ø0.5士0.05 ø0.5士0.05
 Colour White/Green/Yellow/Blue Black/Brown/Orange/Red
Groundwire Material Tinned copper or Copper Alloy
Specification 25/0.O5TSN
Isolation Material Aluminum leaf
Outer Filler  Material Contton Thread
 Outer Shield  Material Tinned copper
 Specification 16*12/0.O5TC
 Jacket  Material 80P-PVC
 Nom.Thickness 0.81
 Nom.O.D. ø4.8士0.10
 Colour Black
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