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YQF Cable specializes in the custom manufacture of EEG and EMG supplies, including EMG cables and EEG cables, with a daily production capacity of 200K units.

We offer a variety of EEG and EMG electrodes, catering to different needs. Our cooperation models are flexible, including options such as “raw EMG cable without EMG sensor/EMG pad” and “raw EEG cable with one end overmolded, the other end without EEG cup or EEG sensors.”
Whether you are an EEG and EMG electrode manufacturer or a brand distributor, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Types of EMG Cables and EEG Cables | EEG EMG Electrodes

Based on different aspects, there are various methods to classify EMG cables and EEG cables:

  1. Service Life:

    • Disposable EEG Electrodes (and EMG Electrodes)
    • Reusable EMG Electrodes (and EEG Electrodes)
  2. Jacket Materials:

    • PVC Electrodes
    • TPU Electrodes
    • Silicone Rubber Electrodes
  3. Forms of Lead Wire:

    • Single Lead Wire EEG/EMG Cables and Electrodes
    • Flat EEG/EMG Cables and Electrodes
    • Pair Twisted EEG/EMG Cables and Electrodes

By offering these classifications, we cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring the right solution for every application.

Raw EMG Cable And EEG Cable Manufacturing Service

We directly provide customers with the following semi-finished EEG and EMG cables. Customers can choose the connector they wish to assemble or solder at the other end, such as EEG cups, EEG sensors, EMG pads, EMG sensors, or EMG needles.

We can provide single/two/four wire, flat/twisted original EEG electrodes based on different color combinations and lengths.

Regarding to Flat EEG electrode,there are 2 wire 3 wire…to 16 wire Flat Ribbon optional or custom manufacture to your exact specification.

Regarding to Twisted EEG electrode, there are 2-10 core twisted available, and customized production can also be made based on customer demand information and quantity.

The wire length can be selected in meters such as 0.3M, 0.75M, 1M, 1.2M, 1.5M, 1.8M, 2M, 2.3M, 2.5M, or customized according to customer needs.

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Single lead EEG EMG Electrode Cable
2 Flat Ribbon EEG EMG Cable
Pair Twisted EEG EMG Cable

Different Components For EMG Electrodes And EEG Electrodes

EEG Pads EMG Pads
Electrodes Gold Cup For EEG
Cup Electrodes
Needle Of EEG EMG Electrod
EEG Sensor
EMG Sensor

Finished EMG Electrodes And EEG Electrodes Supplies

We also provide assembly services. Customers can supply the components or designate suppliers, and we will procure the components and complete the assembly on their behalf. Below are examples of EEG cable electrodes and EMG cable electrodes with different components on the other end.

Needle Electrode EMG
EEG Ear Clip Electrodes
EEG EMG Needle Electrodes
EEG SNAP Electrode
EEG Ear Clip Electrodes
EEG Gold Cup Electrodes

EEG Cable And EMG Cable Manufacturing And Supplies

The manufacturing of EEG and EMG cables is both labor-intensive and capital-intensive. Some processes must be performed manually, while others can be automated. However, automation can be costly and prone to errors, especially for appearance inspection and conductivity checking. This is particularly true for flat EEG/EMG electrodes or pair twisted electrodes, which require more manual labor.

As a result, when you purchase EMG or EEG electrodes on platforms like Amazon or eBay, you may notice that EEG caps with pair twisted electrodes are priced higher. This is reasonable given the labor and costs involved. A similar phenomenon applies to the pricing of EMG needle electrodes.

However, when manufacturing is completed in China, customers can be assured of the quality and reliability of the supplies.

We are pleased to showcase our highly automated production line, staffed by over 200 employees, with a daily productivity of 200k units.

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