5 Lead ECG cable Silicone Jacket-SI405B

No matter it is Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 medical devices or accessories, Silicone cable application can be found everywhere. Sterilization and Biocompatibility are prior concerns .As mentioned in silicone cable properties, it is clear that SiHF silicone cable   is absolutely an ideal choice for medical applications. Such as monitoring system sensor, robotic arms, imaging system, Spo2 sensor, ECG/EKG,High-End ESU(Electrosurgical Unit)

Technical Specification


Items Specification
Model SI405B
Conductor Tinned Copper
 Insulation HDPE
Wrap PTFE Tape
 Filler Cotton Thread
 Shield Tinned copper
 Jacket Silicone
OD ø5.2士0.15
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