Upstream Raw Medical Cable Factory for Medical Cable Assembly Manufacturer

YQF Cable is an ISO 13485 certified upstream Raw medical cable supplier for medical  cable assembly manufacturer. Be different from those who offer custom medical cable assemblies, medical wire harness assembly,  lead wire, instrumentation cable, laboratory cable assemblies, and medical equipment wiring harness,we are SUPPLIER for them.  With our Expertise in the cable design and cable extrusion,and most comprehensive testing lab devices,we assure them with the high quality raw production material,and become a key particiator in the whole supply chain of medical interconnection.

For some medical cable,such as ECG lead wire and SPo2 Sensor cable,ESU cable,We can usually ship from stock as we cooperated with most worldwide famous Patient Monitoring system,and are contracted raw medical cable supplier for them.

For custom medical cables applied in medical devices,especially with special structures,we provide Free Design,Low MoQ custom manufacturing service.

Custom Medical cable Manufacturing

For Patient Cable
Different OD,Conductor,
Jacket,color and shape of patient cable:ECG cable,SPo2 Cable,NIBP,EEG EMG leadwire...
Application in Patient Mornitoring
Patient Cable will touch
patient skin directly,the cable must be Biocompatible

custom Flat Ribbon Cable Or Round cable  flexiblely match the interface of the connector,which will be connect to the devices connection interface.

In a limited operation space,a coiling cable can save space and bring convenience to the operator at the same time

Custom Cable for medical equipment
Custom Cable for medical equipment

Medical equipment have many types of connection interface and function modules,a custom bundle cable composites of different  components,such as for Data,Signal,light,liquid,gas…so as to meet the functional requirements .

Medical Standards To Meet For Medical Grade Cable

  • ISO 13485, which is designed to be used by organizations involved in the design, production, installation and servicing of medical devices and related services. Including medical wire manufacturers
  • Registration supplying to comply with the requirement of FDA for medical devices and accesorries,s manufacturing and assembly. Not only the medical cable supplier should be registered, the raw materials supplier for the medical grade cable manufacturer should also be traceable.
  • Production materials for medical cable should meeet USP Class VI
  • Insulation and Jacket material,such PVC,TPU,TPE,FEP and phthalate-free meet RoHS , WEEE, REACH,and Biocompatibility requirements
Options to OEM a medical cable
Conductor OptionsShielding OptionsEnhancement OptionsInsulation & Jacketing Materials
Bare CopperBare Copper BraidStrength MembersCPE/Chlorinated PolyethylenePFA/Perfluoroalkoxy
Tinned CopperTinned Copper BraidWater BlockingEPDM/Ethylene Propylene Diene MonomerPFE/Perfluoroelastomer
Silver Plated CopperSilver Plated Copper BraidFillersETFE/Ethylene TetrafluroroethylenePP/Polypropylene
Nickel Plated CopperNickel Plated Copper BraidRodsFEP/Fluorinated EthylenePTFE/Polytetrafluoroethylene
High Strength AlloysHigh Strength Alloys BraidTubesFoamed FEPPUR/Polyurethane
Copper Clad SteelCopper Clad Steel Braid Foamed PFAPVC/Polyvinyl Chloride
Prebonded ConductorStainless Steel Braid Foamed PESilicone
Overcoated ConductorAluminum Mylar Foil Shield Foamed TPETefzel
Topcoated ConductorSpiral Shield HalarTFE/Tetrafluoroethylene
   HDPE & LDPETPE/Thermoplastic Elastomer
   HytrelTPR/Thermoplastic Rubber
   mPPE/Modified PolyphenyleneXLPE/Cross-Linked Polyethylene
   NeopreneXLPO/Cross-Linked Polyolefin

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YQF  Custom Cable Design Experts partner with you to meet your specifications with a quality solution that is reliable for the full life-cycle of your application!

  • ISO9001,
  • ISO14001
  •  ISO13485
Advanced testing devices
100% Testing for all features you care

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