Custom Medical Grade cable

Medical grade cables meet the demanded requirements for electronic properties, functions, biocompatible safety and sterilization. In the meanwhile, because of the specific applications:

in some cases, the cable need to be with extreme thin diameters, such as ultrasound, endoscopy ;

in some situation, the conductors of the cable cannot include metal, such as MRI, because the heat caused by the electro-magnetic induction will burn the patient skin;

in some case, the cable need to be radiation resistant ,such as X-ray Examination; 

and in some times, the cable need to have very low turboelectric noise as the signal source is very weak, such as ECG monitoring;

And in some application, the doctor use special treatment method which need power, gas, liquid doze and monitoring signal at the same time, such as argon cable, so a custom composite medical cable is needed.

Custom cable for medical device

New Disease always go with human history and new treatment and  medical devices are developed, high quality new cables are demands to match. When you’re looking to find bulk cables to meet the interfacing needs of a hospital, medical office, or related medical location, off the shelf products are not always going to provide you with the functionality you require. Healthcare settings also have specific safety and security guidelines to keep in mind, let us our sales and engineer team design custom cables, refine the drawing until you receive the ideal product for your medical device

Carbon Fiber conductor medical cable
Carbon fiber is invisible under a Imaging system,and no electro-magnetic induction Heat to burn patient skin
Application in MRI scan ECG monitoring

It is better for a professional medical grade cable manufacturer to be familiar with the application of medical grade cable and the main sterilization methods

Application of Medical Grade Cable​

  • Ultrasound
  • Defibrillator
  • Handheld Instruments
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Laparoscopy
  • Endoscopy
  • EKG and EEG Electrodes
  • X-ray Devices
  • Medical Robotics

Main Sterilization Methods

  • Wet/steam sterilization (Autoclave)
  • Dry heat sterilization
  • Ethylene oxide
  • Sporicidal chemicals
  • Glass Plasma
  • Irradiation (Gamma rays)

Expect a custom cable for your medical equipment from 5 Factors

Choose the Materials & Method to Custom a Medical Grade Cable
Conductor Options Shielding Options Enhancement Options Insulation & Jacket Materials Form of the cable
Bare Copper Bare Copper Braid Kevlar PE Silicone Rubber Coiling cable
Tinned Copper Tinned Copper Braid Water Blocking HDPE & LDPE TPU 1 color Ribbon Cable
Silver Plated Copper Silver Plated Copper Braid Fillers ETFE TPE colorful Ribbon Cable
Nickel Plated Copper Nickel Plated Copper Braid Rods FEP/PFA/PTFE/ETFE PFA Composite Cable
High Strength Alloys High Strength Alloys Braid Tubes Foamed FEP PVC Single Color Round
Copper Clad Steel Spiral Shield Cotton Thread Foamed PFA TPV Two Colors Round
Prebonded Conductor Double Spiral Shield Foamed PE TPR
Overcoated Conductor Aluminum Mylar Foil Shield Foamed TPE XLPE/XLPO
Topcoated Conductor Graphene coating TFE

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YQF  Custom Cable Design Experts partner with you to meet your specifications with a quality solution that is reliable for the full life-cycle of your application!

  • ISO9001,
  • ISO14001
  •  ISO13485
Comprehensive testing devices
100% Testing for all features

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